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Concept of AYA


The first Japanese brand which exclusively fuses the Arabian Gulf Abaya and Japanese Kimono

Conceptual Diagram of AYA


"Coloring Beautifully"

  • "One design for one abaya".Each design of our abaya is unique, and there are no two the same design in the world. You’ll never see others wearing abaya with the same design as yours.
Coloring Beautifully

Handmade in Japan

  • Each abaya is sewed by talented Japanese tailors, not at sewing plants.
  • Each abaya is painted colorfully by hand or printed colorfully by woodblock or embroidered with gold and silver threads.
Handmade in Japan

Fine fabrics made in Japan

  • We only use high-quality silks made in Japan. There are kimono made with chemical fiber fabrics, however, we only use 100% natural silk. We are very quality-conscious.
  • Japanese silk is the best material for Japanese clothes.
Fine fabrics made in Japan