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About AYA


We believe that
"Fashion connects Arab and Japanese women".

As Arab women enjoy Japanese beauty, and Japanese women enjoy Arabic beauty, we together can realize this idea. We AYA create Abayas that combine both beauty.

Fashion connects Arab and Japanese women

Message from the director

Salam dear Gulf ladies,

I’ve been to Arabian Gulf countries several times, and got interested in the local and Arabian cultures. I especially got a deep impression of Abaya, a part of the cultures, because one of the features of Abaya is very similar to that of Kimono, a Japanese traditional costume; covering the whole body except the face, feet, and hands. Kimono has been traditionally made of the highest craftsmanship by highly skilled artisans. The artisans make ones carefully by hand work, and the designs of Kimonos are very elegant and sensitive.

I thought it would be great if I would fuse the Japanese and traditions together by creating Abayas based on Kimonos. By this way, I believe I can create new values.

The brand name “AYA” means “coloring beautifully” in Japanese. I strongly hope Arabian Gulf ladies experience the fusion of Arabian and Japanese beauties, and make themselves even more beautiful.

I sincerely appreciate you for taking interest in AYA.


Chiho Kaneko
Director/Chief Designer

Chiho Kaneko Director of AYA